GDPR Does Affect Driving Instructors when it comes to Marketing

Unless you have been living in a bubble over the last few weeks you would have received email from companies (some you might not even recognise) advising you of a change in their privacy policy due to the changes that came into effect today the 25th of May 2018 to do with GDPR.

A lot of you might not have thought this has much to do with Driving school marketing whether it be online or via traditional phone and postal leaflet drops.

I'm not going to go into details about this on my driving school marketing blog, as there are many places with full details including the UK's Information commission website, but you need to make sure that inform anyone who hold their details of the fact you do so, why you are holding theirs details, and what their rights are.

This is especially important if you don't have an on-going relationship with them (for example past learner drivers, or those who might have made an enquiry in the past who you occasionally send promotions for your driving school, as they now have a right to request their details be deleted if you have no lawful reason for holding on to them.

This should by no means mean you have to stop your online marketing activities as a driving instructor, but you do need to make sure you stay within the law as well as respond to legitimate requests to have details deleted or requests to find out what type of information you hold on file for an individual.

All the best with your marketing drive, and remember it is a continuous process or your competition will get ahead of your driving school.