Choosing driving school name

There is nothing special about choosing a driving school name, but if you are serious about your marketing efforts especially online with a driving school website, then you need to extra careful on what name you eventually choose.

I mentioned previously in one of my earlier school marketing articles that learner drivers will normally search for either "driving lessons town name", "driving instructor place" or "driving school town/city" for this very reason you should make sure that the name you choose includes driving school so that when you register a domain name those words are included as well.

School of Motoring is dead, don't use that in the name of your business. The next thing you now need to do is setup your cheap instructor website.

Marketing takes time no magic or instant results

As a driving instructor, you need to know that marketing your driving school services takes time and effort, and that there are no instant results that can be gained just because you have carried out some steps like creating a website or sent out emails to potential clients who made enquiries in the past about taking lessons with you.

The current economic climate means a lot of struggling instructors who want more work through getting more learner driver pupils are vulnerable to various schemes which basically promises a lot and hardly delivers, as long as you pay to use their online directory or other means of getting clients to your door step.

Anyone who has been in this business for long enough will know that there are basically 2 types of clients looking for driving lessons.
1. Those after cheap driving lessons who are only interested in the lowest priced services they can get offering the most (I once had someone call for £15 lessons in a BMW mini in London)!
2. The ones who are interested in the getting high quality tuition from the right instructor and are willing to pay decent and fair prices for the services offered and don't want to necessarily go with a national brand like AA, BSM or RED.

Your driving school marketing efforts needs to be concentrated on attracting people from the second category as they are more likely to not only be loyal clients, will take reasonable advice, not cancel lessons at short notice because they don't feel like it or had a late night out the previous day.

For this reason you just can't advertise everywhere or take the words of a yellow pages or BT online directory salesperson, because they might get your phone ringing, but if the first question the enquirer asks is how much do you charge per hour for lessons, they are the wrong type.

My website gives a lot of information out to the learner driver, in particular about taking the driving test in the local centre, and while I might lose a few people by giving away this honest advice, many people who have either failed once in the area, or want to try their next attempt to pass in my area have called me to help them out. I also get a lot of foreign licence holders call me up because of a page specifically setup advicing how to approach getting a full British licence in my local town. All this means I get people who value the effort put into providing what might be 'free' information to them. I've even had people take trains from other parts of the county to come and take driving lessons with me just from seeing my website.

My online internet marketing presence has been running for a couple of years now, and has been rewarding me with learner driver pupils every week, and you can use the same principle to your own advantage while you supplement your marketing with other methods.

Don't be drawn in by anyone advertising a magic secret formula for driving instructors, there is none, you just need to be able to attract or find the right people wanting to learn to drive.