Online Driving School Marketing works for me!

It is almost 2 years since I registered a domain name and set about creating a new online driving school marketing website to demonstrate that you can attract new learner drivers inexpensively if you do a couple of simple things, are consistent and are willing to work on it (becoming a website geek is optional).

When I created the Hampstead driving school website, I had no clients in this area as it was a bit far from my home operating base and the effects of the current UK Economy downturn were not affecting learner driver income as it does today, so it was more of an experiment rather than a planned business expansion project, however I must confess that it has turned out to be blessing for me, as the increase in enquiries from this London post code has helped me maintain good income levels despite the economic woes, drop in lesson prices due to increased competition and fewer candidates demanding instructor tuition services.

My Hampstead driving school online marketing website is now consistently in the top 3 spot on google for the relevant terms (driving school, instructor, lessons, hampstead, nw3), it only has 11 pages of relevant articles and I don't have to do anything to it in terms of promotion, apart from referring new clients or students to it for informational purposes, and I am constantly getting enquiries from it (not all successfully converted, can't offer £15 lessons), but I get enough to make a difference, so my question to some of you who have read one or two of the articles I've written here is 'why haven't you done the same'?

4 Steps is all it takes:

Register your own domain name. Cost starts at less than £10 per year.

Create a Website for your driving school. Free to about £50 per year.

Create good quality articles for your website. Will require you to spend a few days thinking about/researching and then doing this (don't copy other people's articles and slightly modify, be creative).

Promote your website on Google and follow my advice by reading all the articles on this website. Don't be lazy, anytime not being used for driving lessons or administrative duties should be used for both online and offline marketing of your business, if you put the work in, you will reap the benefits.

Don't just think that offering cheap lesson prices is the quick solution to bringing in more pupils, there are a lot of clients out there who are willing to pay good money for your services, but you need to find them or be in a position for them to find you!